Q: It's my first time visiting your salon - do I need to bring anything?

A: Only for hair extensions such as box braids or sew-in weaves services as we do not provide the hair. Just come along to your appointment with the hair of you choice and we will do the rest! We do however provide the hair for our Passion Twists and Bespoke Handmade Locs services.

Q: Is there free parking around the salon?

A: Yes after 12pm all the roads surrounding the salon are free. The main road however (Plaistow Road) is free all day but spaces are extremely limited due to its high usage. The Olympic Park/Stadium is within 15 minutes of the salon so event days can restrict parking on those specific event days, if you are driving to the salon, please do check for event days before booking your appointment slot.

Q: I am travelling by public transport to your salon-what’s the nearest station?

A: We are 4-5 minutes walk from Plaistow station on the district/Hammersmith & City line. We are also a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride from Stratford City station.

Q: What is a silk press? What’s the difference between normal straightening and a silk press?

A: Thermal straightening services have become so popular-especially with the rise of people choosing to use less chemicals on their hair. A Silk press service is essentially straightening your hair without the use of chemicals. Once you book a silk press service with us we understand that you want your hair to be straight and smooth but with body, movement and bounce!

Q: How long will my silk press last?

A: Unfortunately there is no concrete answer as all hair types/textures are uniquely different. The porosity and elasticity of your hair can determine the rate of reversion for your hair. A silk press can last one day or 2 weeks-it all depends on your hair. Please do note that unless your hair is chemically treated, we cannot guarantee how long your silk press will last as the natural bonds of your hair have not been permanently broken down. There are many aftercare factors that can also affect your hair-this will be discussed during your consultation before your silk press. Please also refrain from using oil in your hair prior to you Silk Press appointment as this can be detrimental to your Silk Press result.

Q: My hair is really thick and dense/Fine, will a silk press work on my hair?

A: Silk press can work on all types of natural hair and textures, however we recommend that it is better suited to medium/thick hair density. Please note that fine hair types are more susceptible to heat damage with regular applications of heat.

Q: I am worried about heat damage from a silk press. Would a silk press give me heat damage?

A: Once any thermal appliance is used on any hair type-there can be a low possibility of heat damage or heat memory. Heat damage from one silk press service is extremely rare. What we can promise is that all care is taken when applying heat on your hair with thermal protectants and low to medium heat when blowdrying and straightening. We strongly believe that hair should not cause anxiety or concern-until you are comfortable with wearing your hair straight why not experiment and explore more styles with your curls until you are ready. Rock your kinks, curls and coils!

Q: What is ‘heat trained’ hair?

A: Regular heat applications can cause your hair to form memory which has also been referred to as heat trained hair. The hair is still very much healthy and can still benefit from regular trims and conditioning treatments. Heat trained hair can stay straighter for longer over time as the reversion rate is quite Low/slow as it becomes much more resistant to humidity.

Q: I have a passion for hair-can I join the team?

A: We are always on the look out for dedicated and passionate people to join the team! We emphasise that being qualified/certified in hairdressing first and foremost as a mandatory requirement. Secondly your drive, passion and dedication are what will determine your success-this is equally as important as your talent. Drop us a email or give us a call to discuss your future with us! We would love to hear from you.

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